Social Business Leaders Share Advice on Digital Influence

Businesses are facing a rapid transformation in digital business initiatives. CMO’s and marketing executives are beginning to realize that digital disruption facing the enterprise can actually create more than it initially destroys. Today, the opportunity facing executives, is to cultivate and champion an adaptive and transparent culture that allows their organizations to embrace digital innovation.

Gartner predicts that by 2015, 25% of the enterprises will appoint a chief digital officer to address these comprehensive digital disruptions. [tweet this]

Social business leaders Vala Afshar & Michael Krigsman host #CXOTalk, a weekly Google hangout with senior executives, analysts and authors, to discuss disruptive technologies and social business transformational trends that are shaping the market. In the past few months, #CXOTalk guests have included experts in mobile, cloud computing, digital marketing, enterprise applications, big data and social business.

Today, with design assistance from Jim MacLeod, Vala shared an interactive infographic with video interviews through the Huffington Post that identifies their guests’ social business advice on digital influence. Some highlights from the interactive infographic are listed below:

“The foundation of crowdsourcing is built on trust. I will always trust the crowd.” — Guy Kawasaki, Founder, [tweet this]

“There are no IT projects, only business projects.” — Kim Stevenson, CIO, Intel  [tweet this]

“Smart companies don’t focus on technology, they focus on positive outcomes” — Paul Greenberg, President, The 56 Group  [tweet this]

“We are in the age of advocacy.” — Ekaterina Walter, Partner and CMO, Branderati  [tweet this]

“The risk of not doing social is much bigger than the risk of doing it.” — Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group [tweet this]

“Executives need to refine the data so that they can perfect it in the future.” — Mark Fidelman, Managing Director, Evolve! [tweet this]

“The source of social influence is becoming the source of continued education.” — Mike Fauscette, Group VP, IDC [tweet this]

“You can’t be a relevant CIO without being social.” — Phil Komarny, VP of IT, Seton Hill University [tweet this]

“IT’s traditional mindset was command and control. With BYOD, users won’t put up with that.” — Ben Haines, CIO, Box [tweet this]

“Social media cuts through organizational hierarchy.” — Mark P. McDonald, Group VP, Gartner [tweet this]

“Businesses are taking more control and driving the enterprise IT agenda more than ever before.” — Evangelos Simoudis, Sr. Managing Director, Trident Capital [tweet this]

“CMOs sit at the intersection of creativity and strategy.” — Steve Mann, CMO, LexisNexis [tweet this]

“Mobile-first today. Mobile-only tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.” — Vala Afshar, CMO & Chief Customer Officer, Enterasys [tweet this]

Join Vala & Michael this Friday at 4 p.m. ET as they welcome Ray Wang to #CXOTalk. Ray has advised organizations globally on topics related to enterprise strategy, disruptive technologies, next generation software and business process transformation.


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