29 Ways to Stay Creative [Infographic]

I love infographics and the way they visualize data and information in an easy to follow way. As the editor for the PRSSA Blog, I’m always attentive to the ways blogs can diversify content to engage more readers and infographics have been one of our most successful forms of content this year.

Today I found one of my all-time favorites while browsing Pinterest, and it’s something I just might print out and put on my desk to see everyday. I could certainly use reminders of ways to stay creative. I’m going to aim to do at least five of these each day.

What advice do you have to stay creative? What tips do you have for people that have trouble getting their creative juices flowing?

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5 thoughts on “29 Ways to Stay Creative [Infographic]

    • Christopher, I have not created my own digital infographics yet. But for PRSSA I often work with designers and bloggers to conceptualize the ideas for them. With a history in publication design I have done print infographics in the past!

  1. Carrying a notebook everywhere is critical; I tend to substitute my BlackBerry for an actual pen and paper these days, but I still plug every idea that I have into it, regardless of where I am or what I’m doing when inspiration strikes.

    I’ve found that drinking while you sing in the shower also helps the creative juices keep flowing: it’s all about lubrication.

  2. If all of us would even do half of the 29 things listed it would be a wonderful life…I have a wonderful life.

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