16 Ways Businesses Can Build Trust With Customers

The Edelman Trust Barometer measures the state of trust around the world by exploring trust in institutions, industries, leaders and the impact of recent crises in the banking and financial service sectors. This week, Edelman published their 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, based on results of a study of 26,000 of the general population and 5,800 of the informed public in 26 countries.

In the study, Edelman’s research revealed 16 specific attributes of consumer trust that can be grouped into five clusters of application.

16 Attributes to Build Customer Trust in Businesses

Edelman Trust Barometer List of 16 Business Trust Attributes

In what ways does your company build trust with your audiences? How do businesses or organizations gain your trust as a consumer? What is important to you when putting your trust in other organizations?

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