Google Serves Up Market Research — Collaborative Economy Style

The new Google Databoard tool enables marketers to easily access, use and visualize Google’s comprehensive market research data. With this new databoard, Google has put the market research industry on notice.

Google Databoard Collaborative Economy

To sum it up, Google has completed ground-breaking research in how people are using technology in their everyday lives to make consumer decisions and this new Databoard enables you to find the key data points from those studies that are relevant to your work and turn them into shareable infographics. You can also download the full Google Research Reports as well.

I created this omni-channel customer experience infographic in just under 3 minutes by just pulling in my favorite highlights from the Google research.

The Google Databoard is indicative of a wider pattern of how companies conduct and share market research with the public. The ability for marketers to self-select the data points that are relevant to their work and easily visualize that data for consumption across the enterprise will prove vital as the amount of data on customer experiences continues to explode in the coming years.

collaborative economy

While allowing marketers to use and customize the data for their own purposes, Google is changing the nature of the market research industry.

Oh, and did I mention on top of all of this they are offering their research and the Databoard tool for free? Google has latched on to the public’s desire for open, transparent sharing of information and will likely be rewarded for their embrace of collaborative economy trends in the enterprise. Through the collaborative economy, ownership and access is shared between people, startups and corporations.

Companies can offer goods as a service, selling it many times over to customers, generating new value for customers and new revenues for the company — Jeremiah Owyang

With the amount of research and behavioral data Google has at their fingertips, the potential for this tool is immense. With easy, cheap, high-quality, market research data quickly becoming available to the public, it is only a matter of time before traditional, data-hoarding market research firms will fall to the wayside with their traditional, general reports and premium prices.

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