Welcome to the Marketing Agency of the Future

This week, Skyword released their new report on The Digital Marketing Agency of the Future. Compiling the insights of 15 innovative agency leaders, Skyword formulated an innovative view of what the agency of tomorrow might look like.

In our digital and consumer-driven world, where the customer’s pathway to purchase is more fragmented than ever, marketing channels can no longer be addressed, executed and measured as separate entities.

The study focuses on core disruptions facing today’s marketers and identifies key ways to adapt organizational structure, professional skills and technology infrastructure to overcome those challenges.

5 Ways to Leap Toward the Agency Model of the Future
  1. Strategy: Embrace the Converged Media Model
  2. Operations: Build a Customer-Centric Organization
  3. New Talent: Strategy, Community, Content and Analytics
  4. Technology: Tech Stack for Marketing Insights and Workflow Efficiency
  5. The Content Opportunity: Cultivate New Markets and Revenue Streams

Agency of the Future

Business Innovsation Strategy Insider

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