How to Supercharge Digital Marketing with Data

Most digital marketers will tell you that understanding and analyzing big data is crucial to the future of their business. While the real value of big data lies within the ability to harness it for actionable insights across a business, setting up a successful data-driven marketing plan can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned business executives.

The phrase “big data” refers to datasets so large and complex that traditional analysis programs are unable to process them. With help from recent technology advances in big data analytics solutions, marketers are more enabled than ever to collect large amounts of data, rapidly analyze it and take those insights to market via data-driven marketing interactions tailored to what’s relevant for each customer.

According to a Gartner survey, “55 percent of organizations said that they are currently addressing enhanced customer experience by using big data.” With that number only expected to surge in 2014, there’s an increased need for successful marketing programs. Enter the age of data-driven marketing, where businesses use the recognition and integration of deep behavioral analytics and current contextual information to deliver the best possible, real-time customer offer or response.

This infographic from Teradata offers 10 tips for using big data and advanced analytics to jumpstart your data-driven marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Big Data Infographic

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